Dental Radiographs (X-Rays)

Dental Radiographs Near Tulsa OK and Broken Arrow OK for Your Child

Most people have experienced dental X ray diagnosis several times in their lifetime, but many are not sure of what this diagnostic tool can reveal about their teeth. In childhood dental care management, dental radiographs are a very important tool.

Childhood Cavities

Little people's teeth little, just by the nature of their size cavities can be hard to detect in their early stages. Xrays give us a much better look at the teeth and can help us to quickly point out problem areas. Additionally, Xrays are used to:

  • Check on orthodontic misalignment
  • Ensure orthodontic treatment is getting results
  • Detect the severity of cavities
  • Check the overall growth of teeth
  • Reveal bone formation
  • Detect tumors

Our digital x-ray capabilities give us the ability to come up with treatment plans that are focused on customized care. X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool in exploring your child's overall oral health and the possibilities for treatment options.

It's a Safe Painless Process

Dental Xrays are literally used to take pictures of the exterior and interior of your child's teeth. It is a completely painless process for them and because we are dental pediatric specialists we have the tools and the experience to put them right at ease. We use dental Xrays are part of our preliminary exam of your child to get a baseline for their dental health and will use them in the future to gauge how your child's teeth are coming along. We can explain the process in detail to you and put your mind at ease so that you and your child will feel comfortable during the process. Call today to make an appointment and get the child friendly focused care your child deserves!