Pediatric Dental Services in Tulsa, OK - Preventive & Corrective Dentistry Procedures

At Kid’s Dental Tulsa, our diverse services protect children’s healthy and growing smiles. Our pediatric dentists act as your partners in health and wellness, so your children can enjoy a lifetime of confidence.

Our pediatric dental services include:

Patient Education

The key to having a healthy smile for years is knowing how to care for your teeth at home, while emphasizing the importance of dental visits. These two components work in close connection to minimize your child’s risk for gum disease and caries in the future. Dr. Costello, our pediatric dentist, take the time to speak to children and parents at each visit. With this approach to communication and education, we can ensure that families know exactly how to brush and floss teeth twice a day.

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Preventive Care and Protecting Teeth

Dental caries and damage to children’s teeth can be the result of more than just inadequate brushing and flossing. Poor nutritional habits, thumb sucking, and prolonged use of baby bottles can all damage a young child’s teeth. Kid’s Dental Tulsa understands how these issues can affect your child’s smile. We provide resources on dental prevention through a balanced diet, use of fluoride at dental visits, and act as an effective support system for your child’s health and wellness.

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Restoring Smiles for Health and Happiness

We know that children care as much about how their teeth look as adults do. No child wants to have a damaged or decayed tooth at the front and center of their smiles. If your child is dealing with tooth decay and large cavities, Kid’s Dental Tulsa provides white dental fillings and porcelain dental crowns, so your child’s restored smile looks as bright and natural as possible.

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