Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

The Importance of Baby Teeth

The importance of maintaining healthy baby teeth impacts the future of your child’s teeth. This is especially true when it comes to tooth decay. Even babies can be at risk for tooth decay and require tooth decay treatment. The risk starts just as soon as a primary tooth has emerged, typically around six months of age. It is recommended by the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that you schedule a well-baby check-up with a pediatric dental office like ours at Kid’s Dental. We check for baby bottle tooth decay in infants. You may be wondering about baby bottle tooth decay, it is a type of dental tooth decay otherwise known as early childhood cavities. It occurs in toddlers and infants. This type of decay can affect just a few or all of a child’s teeth. However it is more prevalent on the upper jaw and in the front teeth. Residents of Tulsa OK and Broken Arrow OK can seek baby bottle tooth decay treatment and make an appointment with us by using local voice search and the terms near me, around me, nearby and close to in order to find our dental facility.

Don’t Let Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Become Severe

You do not want baby bottle tooth decay to become severe. The sooner such decay is caught, the more likely it will be that the tooth can be saved. At Kid’s Dental we provide gentle child dental care including orthodontic treatment. If your baby must have a decayed tooth removed, we can provide dental services such as providing a space maintainer that will prevent misalignment of your child’s remaining teeth. Be sure to schedule a regular check-up with us and create healthy homecare routines in order to prevent tooth decay.

Ways You Can Help Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:

  • Rinse toys and pacifiers with clean water often.
  • Clean gums with a clean washcloth after all feedings.
  • Use the right toothbrush and ADA approved toothpaste.
  • Don’t use bottles or sippy cups for sugary drinks.
  • Don’t dip pacifiers into honey or sweet liquids.
  • Eliminate sugar-filled foods and snacks.
  • Don’t send your child to bed with liquid filled bottles.
  • Brush your child’s teeth until they are seven.

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